Time To Get Your Summer On…

Let’s take back summer.

Remeber when we were kids and every summer day was warm, full of promise, and entirely ours?

I am going to reclaim that mindset. Maybe I’m naive to think I can, but it really sucks when fall rolls around and I realize I haven’t enjoyed walking barefoot in the lush green grass. Or spent a day at the beach, getting sand everywhere and laughing with my girlfriends. Or listened to my favorite song on my ipod, as I ride my beach cruiser at sunset  singing along, a little off key, and not caring who hears.

So here it is: a list of summer tunes to help capture that laid back summer vibe.

Turn up the volume…sing along…dance like you did when you were four and didn’t care what you looked like…

And get your summer on.

Don’t see your favorite summer song? Leave a comment…I’d love to add it to my play list.


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