Sunshine Fall Fest

Followers, friends, and (mostly, I’m guessing) family….I have lost  my mind and could really use your support.

This Saturday.

At Sunshine Greenhouse.

From 10 – 6.

In a moment of complete absurdness I committed to displaying (and hopefully selling) a few of my arty pix. What possessed me to open my big mouth and expose myself to such vulnerability and critiquing from complete strangers? I don’t know. Why would I place myself in such a state of full-on panic and chaos? Don’t know that either. But I do know I would love to see a familiar face or two through out the day.

I will be there all day so please come by, ooooh and ahhhh a little, and enjoy the Fall Fest.

**Just a little note of huge thanx to everyone who came out. Your support was overwhelming and so appreciated. And a special thank you to my Grandma. I know she’s not reading this but seeing her walk through those doors was such an unexpected highlight; she lives hours away and we don’t get to see each other very often. My Grandma has an amazing heart and I look up to her in many ways. Happy Birthday Grandma – love you!


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